Why Send Christmas Cards?

why_galWhy send Christmas cards? The answer is quite simple…we can think of no better way to honor the traditions that make Christmas such an important part of our lives. In our world of emails, texts, and tweets, opening the mailbox to find a handwritten Christmas card is more of a special feeling today than ever before. A nostalgic card from The Retro Christmas Card Company is a warm, personal way to say to friends and family, “I remember”. I remember the mesmerizing bubble lights on Mom’s tree, I remember the scrumptious aroma of Grandma’s gingerbread and the unbearable anticipation of Christmas morning, and I remember you!

We take our inspiration from a a simpler time when every TV had only three channels, (even with the rabbit ears), every kid dreamed of being a cowboy (or a space cadet), and when baking cookies together and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life'” was a perfect Christmas evening. Our collection of sometimes kitschy, always cool Christmas cards take their cues from the colorful, retro vibes of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. These fun “remember-when” designs are created to reveal the nostalgia lover in all of us.

For many these designs capture a distant memory of a Christmas too delightful to forget. For others, who feel they were born a few years too late, these cards offer the perfect chance to express a hip, “new” vintage look for the season. Celebrating a “Retro Christmas” is a reflection of the joy that comes from sharing a unique time in America’s pop culture. So, set up the aluminum tree, plug in the color wheel, put Bing Crosby on the on the hi-fi, and enjoy reliving the magic of a vintage holiday season at…THE Retro Christmas Card Company.

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