‘Tis The Season For Toys! – These Happy Mid-Century Memories Will Last Forever

The 50s and 60s brought us so many fun, new ways to play. We’re remembering a few vintage favorites on the blog today.

A Vintage Toy Holiday Gift Guide

The toys may be long gone, but the happy memories will last forever.

Here are a few of our mid-century faves. 

 For The Traditionalist  These toys were always a thrill to find under the tree.

Peddle Cars, Roller Skates and Sting-Rays with banana seats. Erector Sets, Trains and Tinker Toys. Marbles, Jacks, Jump Ropes and Pogo Sticks. Red Radio Flyers. Roy Rogers + Bullet + Trigger. Crockett’s Coonskin Cap, 6-Shooter Cap Guns and Plastic Army Men.

 For The Aspiring Rocket Scientists Made with futuristic  plastic and flashing lights, these toys were out of this world!

Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Pistol, Satellite Jumping Shoes, Moon Landing Gear, Mechanized “Robby” The Robot, Rocket Jet Bike Headlight, Tonka Crater Crawler and Major Matt Mason, Man In Space.

 For The Budding Homemakers Let’s play house! Even chores were fun with these gems.

Chatty Cathy, our first talking doll. Suzy Homemaker Appliances ,“They’re big and beautiful and work like real!” Easy Bake Ovens, Porcelain Tea Sets and Penny The Poodle. A Marx Tin Litho Colonial Dollhouse with ALL the furnishings, even a pool!

 For The Future Electrical Engineers Toys + Batteries = Hours of fun.

Motorized Replica Vehicles looked just like our dream cars: Camaros, Ferraris and VW Bugs. Electronic Football, Baseball and Hockey. The Junior Fire Brigade, Brewster The Rooster and Mr. Fox, The Magician. Charlie Weaver Bartender and McGregor, the man with a smoking cigar?!?

 For The Trendsetters Looks like these trendy toys are here to stay.

Hula Hoops, Silly Putty and Magic 8 Balls. Etch-A-Sketch, Lite-Brite, and Frisbees. Barbie, G.I. Joe and Play-Doh. See-N-Say, Slinky and View-Master. Ant Farms, Sea Monkeys and Mr. Potato Head (real potato required, but not included). 

 For The Gamers These board games were never boring.

Mystery Date, The Game of Life, and Yahtzee! Cootie, Candy Land and Sorry! Park and Shop, Trouble, and Clue. Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots, Operation and Twister. Peter Pan, Traffic Jam and The Last Straw camel game.

Merry Maker Tip: Feeling a bit nostalgic for the long-lost toys of Christmases past? Take a stroll down memory lane with Antiquetoys.com, where you’ll find an exceptional collection of retro toys, grading guides, glossaries and more.

You may also enjoy this cute Youtube video from Recollection Road Here

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