The Creative Process at Retro Christmas Card Company

The Creative Process of Retro Christmas Cards, How It’s Done

I’ll try to describe The Creative Process of Retro Christmas Cards. I have been asked many times “Where do the images come from for the Retro Christmas Cards?” Well, they come from my studio. Inside The Studio, I collect all of the reference and inspirations that eventually become the Christmas Cards that we send to your house and you in turn mail allover the world. Sounds lofty when you look at the pencil sketches and ephemera that contribute to my “process”.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a fabulous trip like the one we took to Palm Springs California. This, was by far, my break-through artists inspiration! The mid century influences just fed my imagination, and while it was May – not Christmastime – my sketch book went into overdrive.  So did my camera! The Modern Homes Tour we took was based on an app from the Palm Springs Modern Committee.  The tour was just the beginning of 11+ Mid Century Modern Christmas Homes Card designs available today.

Then there is always my childhood. Growing up in the 1960s I was influenced by the stacks of Popular Mechanics magazines lying around the house – and of course the space race. Then there is the collection of  vintage toys that my husband and I have today. Including Matt Mason, Mattel’s Man In Space! Which explains Jet Pack Santa, Space Age Santa, and even Atomic Man!

I keep all the ideas in folders and shoe boxes and once I decide on a creative direction I begin to do pencil sketches. I like to work large on big sketch pads, and tend to spread my reference all over the room, sticking photos to walls and making sure that the vintage Christmas music is playing all the while. Once I am happy with the sketch – more long hours begin. A single design can have over 2 weeks of illustration time, everyday 8 hours a day…until it is just right. Mid Century Decorating has over 100 hours in it. Check out the details, I am sure you will recognize some icons, I also research authentic mid century furnishings and decor. Of course, inevitably collecting some of my own along the way.

The common thread to all of the designs that I create is nostalgia. I cannot imagine designing Christmas Cards without the elements of past times that tie us all together. These shared experiences are the inspirations that make the designs relatable, and make you say, “I remember that!”


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