10 Years Of The Retro Christmas Card Company

The Retro Christmas Card Company turns 10 this year!

After 10 Years Of The Retro Christmas Card Company. What’s Buzzin’? is an expression meaning “Hey, What’s happening?” It is also a 1930s Cab Calloway song, and 10 years ago at The Retro Christmas Card Company it was our original name.

Since 2006
Years have flown by since we thought of that idea in 2006, and thankfully better ideas since that one. We started the business based on my artwork and my strengths in expressing retro American culture in illustration. We started with posters, birthday cards, gift wrap, note cards, and Christmas Cards. That first year we ran eight cards. eight. We now have over one hundred designs, not including the styles that have been archived the “live and learn file”.

The first years were slow – but growing pains were overshadowed by the sheer joy of creating something new and our “youthful” exuberance. My husband was always by my side helping me in every way he could (and he still does); every package that we have ever sent out came from his hands. He also built the first website, helped me with creative decisions and carried many, many heavy boxes of printed cards up the stairs to my studio.

In early days we did local art fairs, some trade shows, got advice from stationery experts, and as time passed, we realized that the real interest from our customers was in the Retro Christmas Cards. So we streamlined the company concept, dropped the other items and simplified the name to The Retro Christmas Card Company. It was a relief to have a name I didn’t have to explain every time I spoke of it.

A big step forward was rebuilding the website on a wordpress platform and learning the nut and bolts of SEO. We learned to optimize the site so well that we rank as number one in Google listings for Retro Christmas Cards. More and more of you found us! It also helped that we have a concept that is unique and a style that is not easily imitated. After all this effort we actually created something original from nothing. Nothing but our sheer love of Christmastime.

My artwork has evolved over the years to include more of what you wanted. I learned so much from chatting with you all on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RetroChristmasCardCompany/). I also learned that if I share in my artwork  –what I love-  you guys really understand it too – it’s so nice to have a crowd of customers that “gets it”!  It has been such a joy to design Christmas cards with scenes of mid-century modern homes complete with Christmas celebrations in progress, fanciful aluminum Christmas trees, flying reindeer, and Santa Claus taking part in all kinds of fun, from starring on TV to driving a vintage camper.

I want to send out a heart-felt thank you for all the support you, my customers, and friends have given us over the years. I know many of you have ordered from us for years running, we appreciate you! I hope that we have another 10 years of The Retro Christmas Card Company to come, I know I have at least that much artistic inspiration for all things vintage Christmas to keep me going.

Here’s to a Happy Christmas season 2016,
Cheers everyone!









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