Welcome to Christmas in the 1950s!

It was a simpler time filled with sock hops and soda shops. Where optimism + merriment were found on every corner and the whole world felt a little brighter. Today we remember scenes from those happy Christmas days with a list inspired by Perry Como’s song, “A – You’re Adorable”, because, alphabetically speaking, we think […]

Department Store Dreaming at Christmastime

The days of shoppers rushing home with their treasures have all but passed us by. Window shopping has been replaced by “Windows” shopping. And while we owe the success of our little business to the e-commerce craze, we can’t help but pine for the retail grandeur of a department store at Christmastime. Here are a […]

Vintage Decorating in Retro Christmas Style

Cheerful + Mod Christmas Cards Cheerful + Mod Christmas Cards Bubble Light Box Cards Bubble Light Box Cards Aqua Tree Skirt Aqua Tree Skirt Retro Cats Tree Skirt Retro Cats Tree Skirt A Frame Ornament A Frame Ornament TV Santa Ornament TV Santa Ornament The Split Level House The Retro Christmas Village The Split Level […]

Merry Ways To Plan Your Holly Days – Retro Christmas Checklist

The  2021 Retro Christmas Checklist Is Here!
Looking forward to December as much as we are? Plan for more merry and less stress this year with our 2021 Retro Christmas Checklist. Download your handy-dandy season saver today! Cheers!

It’s Sweater Weather! Ten Ways To Celebrate The Season

We a happy to have our talented friend Pam working with us as a contributing writer.  Creative copywriter and children’s book author. It has been said that October through December is a time of year when happiness is in season.  We couldn’t agree more! Autumn’s crisp arrival brings a kaleidoscope of colors and the promise of […]

Retro Christmas Card Designs for 2019

New Retro Christmas Cards for 2019

Introducing our New Retro Christmas Cards For 2019!  It’s hard to believe that 13 years have flown by already since starting this little home business. This year find fun Classic Car Santa, more new swanky home designs added to our Mid-Century Modern House neighborhood, kitschy Retro Record Player Cats, Santa’s Flying Saucer and more than […]

Retro Christmas Cards For 2018

New Retro Christmas Cards For 2018

Introducing our New Retro Christmas Cards For 2018! We have focused on creating a new holiday card line that appeals to our loyal followers. This year find Winter Vintage Campers, loads of Mid-Century Modern Houses, plenty of kitsch, neon signs and more than one groovy Santa! Fourteen designs in all plus 3 Variety Packs when […]

Vintage Storybook Style Christmas Illustrations

Vintage StoryBook Inspired Christmas Cards

Vintage StoryBook Christmas Cards were created with inspiration from “Little Golden Books” and the admiration I have for the artists of the golden age of illustration. This year I worked on my first children’s book in collaboration with a writer who is a dear friend of mine. The research that I did for this project […]

Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards – 2016

Our original collection of Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for 2016 include a vista from a modern cliff house, a cozy butterfly chair pulled up next to the fireplace, a cute couple bustling around a Very Tall Christmas Tree, and two poodles sharing some Christmas joy. The Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for years’ work was […]

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