Finally! It’s Fall! – Welcome Autumn… and The Holiday Season!

It’s time for falling temps, falling leaves, and clocks that will be falling back soon. We thought it was also the perfect time to tell the story of Fallingwater, the home that inspired our latest Mid-Century House card and wall art, “Falling Snow”. A Note From Diane: I suppose, once an art student, always an […]

The Retro Christmas Village “Vintage Downtown” – The Mid Century Modern Christmas Village – 2nd In The Series

We are happy to announce a new addition to the Retro Christmas Village – The “Vintage Downtown” edition!  In addition to the mid-century modern Butterfly House, Split Level House and Folded Plate House we now have three fun displays featuring “downtown scenes” in Mid Century America at Christmastime. Your Retro Christmas Village can now have six […]

mid century Modern Christmas Cards

Mid-Century Modern House Christmas Cards

The design and illustration of these Mid-Century Modern House Christmas Cards was so enjoyable you might have thought I was actually getting a new house each time I created a new one. Decorating them to the nines with every sought after mid-century collectible and iconic piece of furniture was not only fun but also educational. […]

LGBT Christmas Cards Collection

Christmastime cheer is for everyone. Introducing the LGBT Christmas Cards Collection.   ” We are sorry but for the time being we had to discontinue the LBGT Cards line. Once we find a new supplier we will reinstate it”. Here at The Retro Christmas Card Company we want to always be inclusive in the visual […]

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