Make A List and Check It Twice! Who to put on your Christmas Card List

As Charles Schultz once said, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”  Imagine going to your mailbox and mingled in with the bills, flyers and junk is a cheerful bright red envelope. I love it when that happens! It sends a special Christmastime feeling. Who should we send Christmas cards to? The simple act of […]

Why Send Christmas Cards?

Why send Christmas cards? The answer is quite simple…we can think of no better way to honor the traditions that make Christmas such an important part of our lives. In our world of emails, texts, and tweets, opening the mailbox to find a handwritten Christmas card is more of a special feeling today than ever […]

the secret to receiving lots of Christmas cards

How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards

To use a Christmas-y term, it’s a snowball effect. How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards. We all love getting something in our mailboxes other than bills right? And if you are reading this right now on the Retro Christmas Card Company blog you must like Christmas cards. The more the better, I always say. […]

What To Wear To A Christmas Party In Vintage Style!

What To Wear To A Christmas Party In Vintage Style? Thanksgiving upon us and following right on it’s heels is the Holiday Party Season. Truly, it IS the most wonderful time of the year! Perhaps you have either got a handful of invitations that fill your December calendar, or you are the hostess to what […]

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