Retro Christmas Village

The Retro Christmas Village is our very own collection of fun table-top mid-century modern houses + retro shops. All created with the festive artwork of Diane Dempsey. Colorful translucent displays that allow light to pass through their windows, illuminating the classic Christmas scenes. Collect them all and decorate with your own trees, lights, and “snow” to create a magical mid-century modern holiday panorama. Our Biggest Seller! Order Today – Don’t Delay! 

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Create Your Own Mid Century Christmas Panorama!

Reviews Of The Retro Christmas Village

Pouncy – Sept 24, 2022 ***** What a great concept! This show-stopper will go up on my kitchen island in a place of honor the minute the Thanksgiving Turkey gravy is put away. I am starting with one of these babies, but I suspect I will sneak back to this store and buy the other two before long. LOVE the design—just wish I could LIVE in this house year-round. FAST shipping, as well.

Carrie – Nov 7, 2022 *****I am OBSESSED. I’ve wanted my own Christmas village since I was a kid, and thanks to Retro Christmas Cards, I’ve found my dream village. I am so excited to purchase the other pieces!!! Thank you SO MUCH.

Jennie – Jan 14, 2021 ***** I ordered all 3 of the Mid-Century Modern Christmas home decorations – they are AMAZING! Just as with the ornaments, they are so detailed and so colorful. They really are amazing and if you have not ordered them, you should! I am so pleased. I cannot wait until next year to set up a display and show them off! They arrived safe and secure and neatly packaged. I am very happy with the whole experience with this shop!!

Allison – Jan 2, 2021 ***** I have so enjoyed this piece during the holiday season. Looks lovely with a few bottle brush trees, Buffalo snow, and twinkle lights. It’s actually the least remaining Christmas decorations up in my house because I can’t bring myself to put it away. So happy with this purchase. Can’t wait to collect more!

Maria Dec 18, 2020 ***** Absolutely loved this item. Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. This display will become part of my annual decorations. I have purchased from this seller before. Her retro Christmas cards are fabulous. This display in reality is my dream home. Who wouldn’t want to live in this butterfly style mid-century home!