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The Retro Christmas Card Company Announces – 
The First Ever Mid-Century Modern Christmas Village Display,


Diane Dempsey – Designer / Illustrator

Clearwater Florida:

The Retro Christmas Card Company, a family owned small business, is the first to produce a table-top

Holiday Village targeting the Mid-Century Modern enthusiast. Introduced in July of 2020, “The Retro

Christmas Village” is different from any other village house decorations ever seen before. Designed

to appeal to the mid-mod collector, created from translucent acrylic, printed in vivid colors, the original

process is one that allows light to pass through the windows of the homes illuminating the cheerful

elements and fun characters within. The house designs were inspired by Diane Dempseys original

Mid-Century modern illustrations that have created many popular Retro Christmas cards.


Of the companyʼs newest product Designer/Illustrator Diane Dempsey said, “We are excited to

share the latest Christmas Collection by our Retro Christmas Card Company. It has been a joy to

create these first three pieces of The Retro Christmas Village. This project took years to develop and

I am thrilled with the results. For my first designs I started by paying tribute to the most iconic of the

Mid-Century Modern Home architecture; The Butterfly Roof House, The Folded Plate Roof House

and the Split Level House. All have charming scenes playing out within the illuminated windows. In

the near future look for additions of commercial buildings as well more homes, to populate our

growing mid-century village.”

Read more about this new product here.

About Retro Christmas Card Company: The Retro Christmas Card Company is a seasonal

website shop based in Clearwater, Florida. Founded in 2004, the small business has a loyal following

that has helped founders Diane and Brent Dempsey build a business that has grown from Retro

Christmas Cards to Retro Ornaments and Vintage Style Party Invitations, and now the newly introduced

Retro Christmas Village. Over their 15 years of selling Retro Christmas

Cards the couple has sold over 275,000 greeting cards. All products made in the USA. 


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