Our Retro Cats are ready for the holidays, are you?

All is calm and bright until the cat discovers the Christmas tree!

To bring a little more peace on earth to cat lovers this holiday season, we thought we’d post these tips from a pet advocacy group for safe and silent nights:

Consider an artificial tree. Live pine needles, if ingested, can pose a serious health risk. Plastic needles are no good, either. If your faux tree is shedding its greenery, consider investing in a new one.

Leave the tree bare for a few days. Allow kitty to investigate before you decorate. She’ll probably tire of it before too long, just like that overpriced toy she now ignores.

Skip the tinsel and the snow. Tough call, we know, but those pretties pose an ugly choking hazard, and can wreak havoc on tiny digestive systems.

Decorate up. We doubt anything is truly out of a cat’s reach, but hanging ornaments toward the top half of the tree will help make it less tempting to the paws of passers-by. (Tie on ornaments to avoid sharp hooks)

Nibbling No-Nos. Chocolate, mistletoe, lilies, poinsettias and amaryllises are toxic to cats. Keep them out of reach or out of the house.

Keep them busy. What about setting up a cat tree? Who needs a Christmas tree when you have multiple levels of tunnels and cubbies promising loads of cat fun?

Bring out the Santa snacks. Special treats shared throughout the season may help keep their minds, and their mouths, off your poinsettias.

Merry Maker Tip: Make your tree less enticing by wrapping foil around the base and sprinkling citrus peel underneath. Cats usually keep their distance from both.

Cheers and Merry Catmas! Pam

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