Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards – 2016

Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas CardsOur original collection of Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for 2016 include a vista from a modern cliff house, a cozy butterfly chair pulled up next to the fireplace, a cute couple bustling around a Very Tall Christmas Tree, and two poodles sharing some Christmas joy. The Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for years’ work was inspired by mid-century illustration styles as seen in the 1960s, not only on holiday cards but also in advertising and publishing. Color palettes, motifs, patterns and textures were all employed to create an authentic mid-century impression. We hope you will find them to be authentically filled with Christmas spirit!

Modernist House Christmas Cards – Modernist House Christmas Cards sets a scene of a couple enjoying the magic of the season from their swanky modern living room. The fireplace and the aluminum tree glisten and glow, as the stars shimmer above.

Retro Chair Christmas Cards – Wish everyone a relaxing holiday season with Retro Chair Christmas Cards. Featuring a classic mid-century modern butterfly chair full of gifts. Santa must be done for the night, boots have been kicked off by the fireplace, and hat is hung on the chair.

Very Tall Tree – The Very Tall Christmas Tree Cards feature a high staircase next to the tallest tree ever in a Mid Century Modern House. The tree is being decorated for Christmas as bright, colorful gifts are being carried down the stairs to place under the tree. This cute couple is in high spirits! These special holiday cards from The Retro Christmas Card Company mail with a standard first class stamp, but make a big impression

Poodles Christmas Cards – Poodles Christmas Cards wish your family and friends oodles of fun with this cute card featuring two fuzzy poodles next to a modern fireplace in a fun retro scene at Christmastime. Poodles were a big deal in the Mid-Century and still are! A vintage style Poodles Christmas Card.

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