Cool Mid Century Modern House Retro Christmas Cards

Cool Mid-Century Modern House Christmas Cards + North By Northwest

Cool Mid Century Modern House Christmas Cards were Inspired by North By Northwest. If you are a Hitchcock and Cary Grant fan, as I am, you undoubtedly will know this classic thriller produced in 1959. I hope to not disappoint you but the gorgeous mid-century modern Vandamm House on top of Mt. Rushmore was only a matt painting and never actually existed.

Never the less, it has always been a favorite of mine and I thought to myself, “What an amazing setting for a Mid-Century Modern Christmas Party”. We would of course arrive in a red classic car for this festive gathering. The night would have a swinging band and beautifully dressed guests. All seen through floor to ceiling windows on a moonlit night. I wanted my illustration to have all the drama of the original imagined house, but feel quite a bit more festive.

Cool Mid Century Modern House Christmas Cards Inspired by North By Northwest

This year when you send out your Retro Christmas Cards by choosing “Cool Mid Century Modern House Christmas Cards” you will be sharing a stylish holiday greeting,  your love of mid century modern design and your enthusiasm for classic movies too. See the Retro Christmas Cards here.

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