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It is no secret that I have a true love for midcentxmasdecor_arrayvintage, mid century Christmas decorations, especially the 1960s. Growing up in the 1960s was a visual treat. The most memorable icon was my mother’s aluminum tree and color wheel, all decked out in sputnik ornaments inspired by the space race.

The mid century modern Christmas vibe went on from there with all of the gifts wrapped in atomic wrapping paper. We always had at least two trees, one had an electric train that ran around the base of the tree, with the tiny putz village inside the track.  Our evergreen tree was decked out in so many lights you could have seen it from outer space, my favorites being the bubble lights. After Dad had all the strings of lights in place we kids got to add the Shiny Brite ornaments, and the final touch of aluminum icicles! My Mom was a real crafter, as you might imagine, and her specialty was feather trees. She also made beautiful feather wreaths, and feathers ended up just everywhere (including in our food) for a good month. It was absolutely worth it for the magic that she created!

trainThe 1960s was a wonderful time to experience Christmas as a kid. All of these memories have gone into the creation of the cards from The Retro Christmas Card Company. We work hard to keep that nostalgic Christmas feeling alive here at our home, even recreating the 1960s atmosphere of the Christmas of our childhoods. We hope to share that heartfelt sentiment with all of you through our Retro Christmas Card Collection. We wish you a really Retro Christmas this year!Mid Century Modern Santa

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