Merry Ways To Plan Your Holly Days – Retro Christmas Checklist

The 2021 Retro Christmas Checklist Is Here! Looking forward to December as much as we are? Plan for more merry and less stress this year with our 2021 Retro Christmas Checklist. Download your handy-dandy season saver today! Prints on a legal (8.5 x 14) edge to edge sheet or 8.5 x 11 centered.

❑ A calendar will keep you on track during the hectic pace of the holidays. Add to it as you learn of the upcoming events that you want to include in your plans. One glance and you’ll know if you are available.

❑ Start baking goodies you can freeze – Cookies and nut breads are make ahead favorites. Wrap tightly and freeze. Make sure to buy cookie tins at the Dollar Store to have handy gifts for the unexpected.

❑ Having a Holiday Party? Order your Retro Holiday Invitations now! Don’t delay. Get them all filled in – send out asap so that your guests calendar will be empty when they arrive! Holiday dates  ll up fast!

❑ Plan Holiday Outfits – Check that closet for your fabulous festive event outfits. Add a few fun items.

❑ Create a playlist of favorite Christmas tunes to keep toes tapping as you make your way to the big day. Use it for the background to your holiday party and while opening gifts on Christmas day!

❑ Update your Christmas card list – Determine how many cards you need, and make sure you have updated addresses. Order your Retro Christmas Cards online, so you’ll have plenty of time for them to arrive.

❑ Start Christmas shopping now – Make a master gift list. Make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for. Many things need time to ship and if the items are custom, allow time for that magic to happen.

❑ Wrap gifts as they arrive – Play some vintage Christmas music as you wrap and let that spirit fill the air.

❑ Review your decorations – Is there something you wanted last year and didn’t get? Buying earlier will give you the best selections, popular ornaments sell out sooner. Find fun retro holiday decor ideas here.

❑ Start addressing envelopes for Retro Christmas Cards. Mailing your Christmas Cards the day after Thanksgiving will give folks the chance to return a greeting card to you as well! Send overseas mail now.

Around Thanksgiving is a good time to watch “Miracle on 34TH Street”!

❑ Dec The Halls! No later than the first week of December, it’s time to get the house looking festive. Pour Egg Nog, Play Christmas tunes… Find Retro Christmas Ornaments + Vintage Style Decorating items here.

❑ Buying a live tree or garlands? Three weeks before Christmas is a good time to get yours, if you want them to stay fresh and retain their needles through Christmas. Hang that Mistletoe now!

❑ Finalize menus – If you’ll be serving the holiday meal make sure you know what you’ll be cooking and what family members will be bringing. Start your master grocery list. Order a turkey or ham. Shop for nonperishable items – bar supplies and canned goods or pantry staples.

❑ Make sure out-of-town presents are mailed. Try to have gifts in the mail by December 7.

Hang the stockings one night while all the family is asleep, keep the contents a mystery. No shaking!

❑ Organize the kitchen – clean out the refrigerator. Make room for big dishes and ingredients.

Make a Visit to Santa, see the mall decor go for a holiday stroll to see the Christmas light displays.

❑ Shop for fresh ingredients for your holiday feast. I recommend going to the store either really early or late in the evening (some stores have extended hours) for fresh items you need for menus.

After all that shopping put your feet up and watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” .

❑ Start cooking anything that can sit for a couple of days. Cranberry relish, chop items so you are prepped.

❑ Set the table – place your centerpiece and see how the lighting looks at the hour you plan to serve.

❑ Set Up The Bar – include punch bowl, ice bucket, coosies, wine glasses with tags, fun cocktail napkins.

❑ Post the menu on the ‘fridge. List in order in the foods that need to be prepared. Arrange the buffet table. Double check the menu items. Forget anything? Make That Jello Mold now!

❑ Make a timeline for the next day. Decide when you’ll be feasting, then count backward to determine when to put the main course in the oven and refer back to your menu for the order of preparations.

Watch the classic 1954 movie “White Christmas” with your loved ones.

❑ Be sure to enjoy the day, remember to relax. Tune in your Christmas playlist. Be sure that you are pacing yourself… and consuming your share of the holiday goodies too! Keep the camera handy and record all those special moments. Remember, these are the Good Ol’ Days!

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