Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards

Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards

New this year we have created Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards.  Based on our most popular Retro Christmas Cards we have designed the new Retro Christmas Ornaments so that they will coordinate with many of the fun and nostalgic Christmas cards in our collections.

Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards

Just the retro ornament designs are fun by themselves, but it gets better. The ornaments will all fit inside our Retro Christmas Cards. This makes a thoughtful gift that is small and light enough to mail. Send to friends and family that you may not get to visit with this holiday season or just for a little something extra to bring a smile to their day!

Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards


 My Inspiration
I had a lot of fun creating these ornaments for you this year. It was inspired by my own desire to have some retro flair for my tree.  You will find ornaments inspired by the popular Mid-century Modern Houses, in both the Mid-Century Decorating and the Modern Houses styles.

Of course, I had to include a camper, and Santa’s Vintage Camper seemed to fit the bill.  Along these lines I combined the idea of a snow globe with my Woodie Wagon for some extra magic for the tree. Space Age Santa was a natural… just zooming among the branches.

We all love a kitschy neon sign just glowing with Christmas Spirit and I could have just kept going and going with this concept, but for this year I have designs for “Merry Little Christmas” and “Ring A Ding Lounge“. The 1950s soda shop style will add charm to your tree with the “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree Ornament“.

The Modern Cats are back this year in the Retro Cats Christmas Cards, so I added a cute Retro Cat Christmas Ornament to the collection.

Be sure to hang the Mistletoe Ornament high enough to be of use, maybe on a door way instead of the tree!  The Funny Get Lit Girl will bring a smile this year when guests look over your really retro Christmas tree!

Note: Be sure to weigh the card before mailing some of the larger cards and ornaments require 2 stamps.

A Final Thought
There are 11 Retro Christmas Ornaments in the series. We are trying them out this year to see if you will like them. If all goes well we will create more for next years line up. Hope so, this is an absolute dream come true for me. I love designing Retro Christmas Cards that bring back memories for you. It would be wonderful to do that with Retro Christmas Ornaments as well.

Cheers, Diane

Matching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas CardsMatching Retro Ornaments + Retro Christmas Cards

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