Make A List and Check It Twice! Who to put on your Christmas Card List

As Charles Schultz once said, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” 

Imagine going to your mailbox and mingled in with the bills, flyers and junk is a cheerful bright red envelope. I love it when that happens! It sends a special Christmastime feeling. Who should we send Christmas cards to? The simple act of sending a Christmas card is a treasured tradition. It can be so important to bring joy with this one simple act of kindness and affection.Who to put on your Christmas Card List 

FAMILY: Certainly the first to spring to mind is family. Family members that are top of mind will all already be on your list. What about those relatives that you don’t see often or haven’t seen or spoken to in years? Think of your Aunts and Uncles, your cousins, maybe dig through some old snapshots to jog some cherished memories. Include some in the card. Sending that red envelope full of cheer to a distant relative may bring them a smile, and bring those memories rushing back of Christmases once spent together. It may also bring the family closer. 

FRIENDS: The circle of friends that you see often are important to you and you will have their envelopes already addressed to be sure. How about the friends from long ago that sometimes come to mind during the holidays? That group that you hung out with in high school? The group you once sang carols with? Your college Dorm mates? The kids from the team, the civic club, the old neighborhood? Imagine that warm fuzzy feeling when they open the Christmas Card with your name and message attached. A blast from the past that will make their day! How to find those long lost friends? I would start with your yearbook, finding the names you have a connection to. Maybe your high school or college has a reunion website that will help you get those addresses. Here is a post that offers some ideas on locating long lost friends.

WORK: Through the years, days on the job are made happier and more fun by the friends we make there. Think back to your colleagues from former jobs. The folks you used to go to lunch with or meet in the break room. They would love to hear from you and catch up on your news with a note in your Retro Christmas Card. 

Neighbors: Ever wish you knew your neighbors better? Wish you had a bit more of a relationship than just a wave across the driveway? You can mail or hand deliver a Christmas Card that will start the ball rolling. Maybe include a suggestion for getting together for a Christmas cup of coffee or cocoa at your house. 

 Teachers: Not to be forgotten, even if you don’t have kids in school, I’m sure that you remember a person that has brought the gift or learning to you or your loved ones. Remember them at this time of year.

Caregivers: The selfless acts that these people do all day everyday makes them one of the most appreciated people on the face of the earth. Show them that appreciation with a Christmas card, let them know you think of them.

Doctors, Dentists: You trust these professionals with your health and depend on them to be there when you need them. Sending them a Christmas card will make them know how much you appreciate that.

Hairdresser: We all share details with our hairdressers that we might not share with anyone else! Admit it  – it is often a place to come out looking and feeling refreshed after a day of dishing at the salon. Let that hairdresser know how great he or she makes you feel on a regular basis with a Christmas card, and maybe a tip in the form of a Retro Ornament too.

Mailman: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. Day after day the postal workers are there just like clockwork. My mailman is important to me as I am sure yours is to you too! Let them know with a Christmas card and maybe a gift card inside for a favorite local coffee shop, that you think of them and their tired feet at the Holidays.

Organizations for sending Christmas Cards to those who are alone at the holidays. 

Military personnel stationed overseas will appreciate a message of an old fashioned American Christmas. Even if it is from a stranger. Let them know we appreciate their service. You can send cards to our service men and women here:

Elderly folks that live in nursing homes often feel blue at the holidays and you can mail them some much needed Christmas Spirit. You may send one card, or several, in a larger and separate envelope with a note included that instructs the Activities Director to distribute them to those who are most lonely. Simply address the envelope to a “any resident” along with the address from your local Assisted Living or Nursing Home location. You might want to send small gifts that fit in an envelope – like our Retro Christmas Ornaments.  Typing and printing out a letter to include in your cards is also a great idea. A generic “Hello!” is an acceptable greeting on your Christmas card or you may wish to share a special Christmas memory. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Many people include their children and grandchildren in the fun – while teaching them empathy and compassion in the process.

I’m not sure who said it but I do believe this to be true, “A persons greatest need is to feel appreciated”. The simple, joyful act of mailing a Retro Christmas Card will send that sentiment, along with sharing a cheerful message of the season and nostalgic memories of days gone by. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

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