It’s Sweater Weather! Ten Ways To Celebrate The Season

We a happy to have our talented friend Pam working with us as a contributing writer.  Creative copywriter and children’s book author.
It has been said that October through December is a time of year when happiness is in season.  We couldn’t agree more! Autumn’s crisp arrival brings a kaleidoscope of colors and the promise of good things to come. What’s not to love?  Here are ten inspiring ways to celebrate the beginning of this happy season, a most wonderful time of the year:
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Take a road trip. Find that country road and stop at every. single. farm. stand. 

Camp under the stars. Autumn’s longer nights make it the perfect season for stargazing. A Milky Way isn’t just for trick or treaters, you know.

Walk in the woods. Catch a falling leaf. Immerse yourself in October’s glory. Forest bathing is a thing, and it is good for you, too.

Pick an apple. Eat an apple. Warm cider. Fried pies. Carmel-dipped. Enough said? 

Cozy up to the fire pit (or fireplace). There’s magic in those dancing flames.

Gather with family and friends. That warm feeling in your heart comes from more than just a crackling fire.

Toast the perfect marshmallow. Build the perfect s’more. More on this nostalgic nosh below.

Carve a toothless grin. That perfectly plump pumpkin you brought home from the farm stand? He’s waiting for his close up.

Get spooked by a William Castle film. May we suggest the original 1959 version of The House on Haunted Hill

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Make S'More Please!

A classic campfire treat, S’mores first appeared in the 1927 Girl Scout Handbook as Some Mores, and the rest is sweet history. 

The original recipe is as simple as it is tasty:

• Take one perfectly toasted marshmallow

• A few squares of a chocolate bar

• And one graham cracker broken in half

Sandwich the chocolate and warm marshmallow between the graham cracker halves and enjoy the ooey, gooey, melty deliciousness! 

Mom always said leave well enough alone, but we can’t wait to try these tempting additions:

Fresh fruit or preserves 
Andes mints
Peanut butter cups
Sea salt
Candy corn
Flavored marshmallows 

Merry Maker Tip: No campfire? No problem! S’mores taste (almost) as good when they are made indoors using your fireplace or oven. Looking for a sweet gift idea? Ask Santa to put an electric s’more maker under the tree.

Let’s make it an October to remember! Merry Wishes, Pam 

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