the secret to receiving lots of Christmas cards

How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards

To use a Christmas-y term, it’s a snowball effect.

How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards. We all love getting something in our mailboxes other than bills right? And if you are reading this right now on the Retro Christmas Card Company blog you must like Christmas cards. The more the better, I always say. I also think that it’s important to keep this long standing Christmas tradition alive. I have an idea of how to keep the tradition of Christmas Card exchanges thriving. It all starts with you.

Here is the main thought.Send yours out “early”! Send out your Christmas Card the week of Thanksgiving or even before. It’s a simple concept, once the recipient gets your wonderful Retro Christmas Card in the mail in it’s festive red envelope they will immediately think, “Oh, I need to send out my Christmas cards too”! To use a Christmas-y term, it’s a snowball effect. The more Retro Christmas Cards that you send out the more Christmas Cards you are likely to receive. I always shoot for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Get the Retro Christmas Cards all tucked away in their red envelopes and pop them in the mail. Then we just wait for the response from friends and family.  A Retro Christmas card is a physical reminder of the joy of the season, the memories of the past and the fondness that you have for the people in your life. These are the days that we need to keep in touch, and sending Christmas Cards is an important part of that!

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