How To Party Like It’s Christmas 1959 – Retro Holiday Party Invitations

We make it easy to plan the perfect party using our Retro Christmas Invitations! 

Like many of you, we at RCCC feel we were born just a little too late, which is probably why we never miss a chance to party like it’s 1959. Here’s how you can, too.

Use our fabulous party invites to set the stage. Besides, what’s more retro than a handwritten invitation? Pick your favorite and order today! We’ll ship to you right away. Mail at least three weeks before the event. Holiday calendars fill up quickly, and no one will want to miss this party!

Take cues from your invite’s images, colors and sentiment when deciding on the menu, décor, favors, music and even what you’ll wear!

Feeling Flamingo? Serve pink champagne punch! Color can be an inexpensive and effective way to repeat a theme, even on the menu. Holiday Open House? Try a few really retro recipes. Grab a vintage cookbook for the best party food and drink ideas. 

We believe there is no such thing as “too much” at a retro Christmas party! Don’t forget the powder room, kitchen and front steps…add a little sparkle to any place guests will gather.

How about a lawn filled with flock-party flamingos in scarves? They’ll surely be the envy of every Rudolph on the block!

Did you choose Let’s Get Merry? Or Bubble Lights? Repurpose colorful vintage bulbs into wreaths and garlands, tie them on napkin rings, use as place card holders. New C9 and bubble bulbs are available from Tru-Tone Light Bulbs if vintage are elusive. 

Is Aluminum Tree your favorite? Yards of inexpensive tinsel garland will add merry and bright to mantles, table runners, and bars. Offer precut lengths for your guests to fashion into fabulous wearable art. Sparkly Selfie Magic!

MERRY MAKER TIP: Have you seen our Christmas prints? Not just for walls, these gallery-quality prints bring instant retro cheer when tucked onto shelves, mantles and buffets, or hung as a centerpiece over the couch. Original artwork by the Retro Christmas Card Co. creator Diane Dempsey. 

Did you decide to ring in the holidays with an Elegant Red Glove or Festive Reindeer party? Purchase bells that mimic the invite to use as favors. If they look too new, add age with dark furniture wax, paint or German glitter. Experiment with techniques to find your favorite look. Not too crafty? Our ornaments make fun, no-fuss favors.

MERRY MAKER TIP:  If a home party is out of reach this year, invite a few friends to Merry Hour with our Bartender Santa or Happy New Year invitations. Bonus: No dirty dishes!

How do you like to celebrate? Tell us about your favorite party tips or memories on our Facebook page. We always love to hear your ideas.

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