How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards

How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards

How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards?! It’s so easy and fun to do.  At the request of my artsy-craftsy customers I have written the blog today all about “glitzing up” your cards. The added glitter to a selection of Retro Christmas Cards in the above video will show you examples of how you can make your holiday greeting cards sparkle with even more magic.

How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards

To start we will need a few supplies:
A Selection of Retro Christmas Card Company Holiday Cards

Scrappy Glue or any white crafting glue that dries clear.
Extra Fine Glitter color selections
8.5 x 11 sheets of paper

Your choice of glitter colors. I would recommend starting with the white and opal glitter and also adding in colors that match the colors in your Retro Christmas Cards. Many of the cards that I have illustrated for the Retro Christmas Card Company feature red, aqua, gold and blue. That is a nice selection to start with. Be sure to choose only the fine glitter the regular glitter is too chunky and will obscure the artwork on the cards.

How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas CardsPour out about a teaspoon of glitter in the center of a vertically folded  piece
of paper. One color per piece of paper. This will keep the glitter from getting e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. It will also give you a pouring spout and a place to shake off the excess glitter after you glue the glitter on the cards.

How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards

Choose a Retro Christmas Card to embellish. Take the bottle of Scrappy Glue or any glue with a tiny squeeze tip and outline the area that you want your FIRST glitter color on the card. Only add glitter one color at a time.  Carefully place the glue along the outlines of the artwork, perhaps on each snow flake, following the designs on the cards, on the highlights of ornaments, and other details of the card. On the finer details squeeze out a dollop of glue and dip the toothpick end into it to add only the tiniest spot of glue on the desired area. You can also tidy up the glue outlines using the toothpick. The tighter the glue area the nicer the glitter effect.

Follow the colors of the card elements to select the color for your glitter. Opal/ white glitter for snow, snowflakes, Aqua green for Christmas tree branches, Gold for embellishments like jingle bells and candle flames.

Load the glitter over the glue outlines, let sit a second or two and shake back into the paper where the glitter came from. Let dry and Ta-Da! Now your puttin’ on the Glitz!

Clean up is easy for our project “How To Add Glitter To Retro Christmas Cards”.  Simply fold each paper and pour back into each glitter container. Neat and thrifty too! Cheers!

Written by Diane Dempsey, Designer – Illustrator of The Retro Christmas Card Company:




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