Exciting New Vintage Style Christmas Cards for 2015

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It’s Christmas In July!
Thank you to all of our customers in the recent years. Your support has encouraged us and manifested itself into such inspiration! I have been designing and illustrating these new/ vintage style Christmas cards since we took down the tree last January! Today we are happy and proud to present 13 new designs to the Retro Christmas Card Company collection for 2015.

You can see the newest designs in the first two pages of the website. These new styles also include the exciting “PANO-RAMA” cards – a new size to the Retro Christmas Card Company collection that I am very excited about, more to come on that topic soon! We will be exploring the inspiration behind each of the cards as we progress through the year in the blog. For now I will just give a “Roll Call” for all the Exciting New Vintage Style Christmas Cards for 2015.

White Christmas Tree Cards- Featuring our very own vintage white Christmas tree collaged with 1950s ornaments and gifts. Bubble lights, Shiny Brites, and sputnik ornaments make this special Christmas card special.

Snow Globe Christmas Cards–  These Vintage Style Christmas Cards feature a snow globe with tiny modern A-Frame houses covered with snow inside.

Sports Car Christmas Cards-  A cool vintage Corvette zooms through the night past a Retro Neon Sign advertising the Ring-A-Ding Lounge.

Jet Pack SantaFun vintage style Christmas cards featuring a modern cartoon Santa with a jetpack flying over a futuristic city as he tosses out gifts.

Winter Wildlife Christmas Cards Colorful, graphic snowy forest scenes of reindeer, cardinals and a red fox illustrated and framed in a modernist style, inspired by Mondrian.

Pink Flamingos Christmas Cards  A team of pink flamingos taking over for Santa’s reindeer on the rooftop of a mid-century modern house.

Angel Christmas Cards  Illustrated in a bright and colorful mod style, these Christmas angels are based on 1960s collectible figurines.

“PANO-RAMA” Vintage Style Christmas Cards

Modern Houses Christmas Cards  A nighttime scene of Mid Century Modern Houses decorated for Christmas as snow is falling. Neighbors are waving a friendly hello.

Mid Century Decorating Christmas Cards–  A folded roof mid century home features all the excitement of a mid-century modern house being decorated for the Christmas Holidays.

Vintage Main Street Christmas Cards–  It’s Christmastime in the 1950s and holiday shoppers and happy children hit the town.

Flying Reindeer Christmas Cards–  A bold, modernist vintage style illustration of Santa and his reindeer flying over a city on Christmas Eve night with the message: “Believe… in the magic of the season.

Travel Trailer Christmas Cards–  A snow-covered scene with an Airstream Trailer and a Shasta Trailer being decorated for Christmas. Families in their classic caravans light up the night with a beautiful Christmas Tree.

Holiday Cocktails Christmas Cards– A swanky scene of happy people celebrating the Holidays in a vintage style setting. Couples curl up next to a retro fireplace, the cocktails are being shaken and the aluminum tree is sparkling in the night.


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