Department Store Dreaming at Christmastime

The days of shoppers rushing home with their treasures have all but passed us by. Window shopping has been replaced by “Windows” shopping. And while we owe the success of our little business to the e-commerce craze, we can’t help but pine for the retail grandeur of a department store at Christmastime. Here are a few things we miss the most, how about you?

The grand, golden doors that ushered us into a winter wonderland, no matter what the weather outside. Revolving doors added even more excitement, don’t you think?

Magnificent wooden escalators waiting to whisk us up, up and away. Today’s utilitarian moving sidewalks just can’t compare.

Personalized service at every counter we visited. From evening gowns to sporting goods, the customer was king (or queen) and was always treated as such. Trying on shoes will never be the same!

Our Sunday best – even on a Tuesday. Sharped dressed employees and shoppers elevated our downtown visits into something special.

A visit to the magical mezzanine level for a dainty lunch and haute holiday fashion show. Are diet plates still a thing?


Busy sidewalks crowded with throngs of fellow shoppers on tippy toes, trying to sneak a peak at the gloriously over the top window displays.

Although these scenes have become rare in our modern day economy, we hope our nostalgic products help you and your family and friends always remember when…

Merry Maker Fun Fact:  Macy’s is credited with creating the first Christmas window display in New York City in the late 1870’s using dolls from around the world.

To officially kick off the Christmas shopping and movie season, we’d like give a shout out to our favorite retail stars of the holiday big screen. May they always help us do a little Department Store Dreaming this time of year:

Higbee’s, Cleveland    A Christmas Story  

Macy’s, New York    Miracle on 34th Street 

Crowley’s, Detroit    A Holiday Affair 

Gimbels, New York   Elf  

Bullocks Wilshire, Los Angeles   Christmas Vacation 

Mall of America, Minneapolis    Jingle All The Way          

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