Retro Christmas Card Company Blog

The Retro Christmas Card Company Blog

The Retro Christmas Card Company blog. In our blog we will be sharing vintage style Christmas decor, fun projects in our Mid-Century Merry Makers series, Holiday Recipes, Christmas Party Ideas, and more. There will also be a peek into the creative process behind the artwork from the Retro Christmas Card Company Studios.

We celebrate the traditions of Christmastime and share posts that stir favorite memories and shared experiences. Creating cards that celebrate the nostalgia for yesteryear, and the stories behind them that will make you say, “Hey, I remember that!“.

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Recent Posts

The Retro Christmas Card Company New Holiday Goods for 2022!

We are happy to reveal all the new Retro Christmas designs for 2022. Original vintage style Christmas art by Diane Dempsey…

Christmas Clatter Podcast Interview: Diane Dempsey, Artist of The Retro Christmas Card Company

Learn the backstory of how the Retro Christmas Card Company came to be. Diane Dempsey, founder of the Retro Christmas Card Company discusses the origins of her company, her love of art and design, and…

Macys Thanksgiving Parade Memories + Trivia

Christmas Is Comin’ Down Main Street! At this time of year we at The Retro Christmas Card Company are reminded of how thankful we are for the traditions that keep us connected to our happiest…

Vintage Decorating in Retro Christmas Style

Cheerful + Mod Christmas Cards Cheerful + Mod Christmas Cards Bubble Light Box Cards Bubble Light Box Cards Aqua Tree Skirt Aqua Tree Skirt Retro Cats Tree Skirt Retro Cats Tree Skirt A Frame Ornament…

How To Party Like It’s Christmas 1959 – Retro Holiday Party Invitations

Pink Flamingo Holiday Party Invite Aluminum Tree Holiday Party Invite Open House Holiday Party Invite Let’s Get Merry Christmas Party Invite Bubble Lights Holiday Party Invite Fabulous Holiday…

High Spirited Retro Cats + Free Template for Our Cat O’ Lantern

‘Tis The Season For Kitty Mischief! What would the holidays be without our furry friends? From batting at the ornaments on the tree to romping through the wrapping paper, our feline friends bring us…

Merry Ways To Plan Your Holly Days – Retro Christmas Checklist

The  2021 Retro Christmas Checklist Is Here! Looking forward to December as much as we are? Plan for more merry and less stress this year with our 2021 Retro Christmas Checklist. Download your…

It’s Sweater Weather! Ten Ways To Celebrate The Season

We a happy to have our talented friend Pam working with us as a contributing writer.  Creative copywriter and children’s book author. It has been said that October through December is a time of…

We’re Ga-Ga For Googie!

This entry was written by Ken MacIntyre to read the original post visit his website ModTraveler. We are thrilled to have him share his knowledge of Googie Architecture with us. When designing many of…

Make A List and Check It Twice! Who to put on your Christmas Card List

As Charles Schultz once said, “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”  Imagine going to your mailbox and mingled in with the bills, flyers and junk is a cheerful bright…

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Art Of Diane Dempsey

The sense of style that developed during the mid-century era was different than anything that came before. The lines were simple and clean, the spaces were open, the colors were fresh and popped in…
The Retro Christmas Camper Artwork of Diane Dempsey

Retro Christmas Camper Artwork of Diane Dempsey

My Retro Christmas Camper artwork is inspired by years of camping as a Girl Scout. Always a lover of the outdoors and the four seasons, time spent in search of natural beauty has been a favorite…

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