Exciting New Vintage Style Christmas Cards for 2015

It’s Christmas In July! Thank you to all of our customers in the recent years. Your support has encouraged us and manifested itself into such inspiration! I have been designing and illustrating these new/ vintage style Christmas cards since we took down the tree last January! Today we are happy and proud to present 13 […]

Christmas Ornament Wreaths By RetroWreaths

Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreaths

These special Vintage Christmas Ornament Wreaths trigger nostalgia and churn the feelings of tradition and remembrance. With no beginning and no end the wreath is a symbol of eternity and welcome; hung in plain sight like the front door or over the mantle, a sign of giving and gathering. Junia Cahill IS Retrowreaths! With a […]

retro Christmas Card Co. Creative process

Small Business Saturday – Made In The USA

We respect the Small Business Saturday movement. I would like to also offer this thought: Let’s extend this concept to keeping our purchases within Made in USA products. Choosing to buy from folks that sell products within the USA, made from their own creativity and ingenuity, with American materials, keeping Americans employed. Many companies make […]

Rockin around the Christmas Tree Holiday Cards

Celebrating With Retro Christmas Music

Here at the Retro Christmas Card Company we celebrate with Retro Christmas Music everyday. Christmas isn’t Christmas without the traditional music that gives us that light-hearted seasonal mood.  I even would go so far as to say that Retro Christmas Music is the main component of obtaining my Christmas spirit. I must divulge that many of our […]

Mid Century Christmas Decorations blog

Mid Century Christmas Decorations

It is no secret that I have a true love for vintage, mid century Christmas decorations, especially the 1960s. Growing up in the 1960s was a visual treat. The most memorable icon was my mother’s aluminum tree and color wheel, all decked out in sputnik ornaments inspired by the space race. The mid century modern […]

How to Make A Vintage Christmas Mantle Decoration

Vintage Elf Christmas Card is the inspiration for this fun decoration project!    This Christmas Card image is a still life of a wonderful mid-century fireplace mantel perfectly decked out in kitschy, vintage Christmas decorations. You can set up a display like this in your home. Any Christmas antiques collector will tell you, first of all you […]

Retro Christmas Card Company logo

WhatsBuzzin is Now RetroChristmasCardCompany.com!

We are so thrilled to announce that we have revised our beloved WhatsBuzzin into the new and improved RetroChristmasCardCompany.com! The old site has been redirected so that you will not loose your favorite bookmarks this year, but before you forget, please make a new bookmark for the new site. We welcome you to visit and […]

Holiday Recipes, Really Retro Style!

At this time of year I am watching my weight, so I can splurge on all of the holiday treats that are right around the corner. We are officially in the Season Of Eating. Soon there will be family dinners, Christmas parties, Cookie Swaps, Cocktail Parties, and more! It is also the time of year […]

What To Wear To A Christmas Party In Vintage Style!

What To Wear To A Christmas Party In Vintage Style? Thanksgiving upon us and following right on it’s heels is the Holiday Party Season. Truly, it IS the most wonderful time of the year! Perhaps you have either got a handful of invitations that fill your December calendar, or you are the hostess to what […]

How To Throw An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Retro Style!

When WhatBuzzin.com first designed our “Don We Now…” Christmas card and the Festive Holiday Christmas Sweater party invitations, we had NO IDEA it was such a popular concept! The things you learn online… Turns out, I am not the only recipient of unfortunate Christmas apparel. Recently while researching the popularity of this trend I stumbled […]

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