Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive

My favorite thing about the holidays is keeping the old time Christmas traditions alive. I love getting all my vintage Christmas decorations out each year… bubble lights on my white flocked tree from the 1960s, decked with my precious ornament collection that includes ornaments that belonged to my Grandfather, made by my Mother, procured on […]

the secret to receiving lots of Christmas cards

How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards

To use a Christmas-y term, it’s a snowball effect. How to Receive Lots of Christmas Cards. We all love getting something in our mailboxes other than bills right? And if you are reading this right now on the Retro Christmas Card Company blog you must like Christmas cards. The more the better, I always say. […]

The History of Christmas Greetings

We thank for this history of Christmas greetings. A round up of Christmas Card historical facts. The long history of Holiday greetings is what fuels the popularity of our Retro Christmas Cards to all folks who hold Christmas tradition dear. Lazy historians typically date the advent of Christmas cards to the 1840s, a time […]

mid century Modern Christmas Cards

Mid-Century Modern House Christmas Cards

The design and illustration of these Mid-Century Modern House Christmas Cards was so enjoyable you might have thought I was actually getting a new house each time I created a new one. Decorating them to the nines with every sought after mid-century collectible and iconic piece of furniture was not only fun but also educational. […]

Funny Christmas Party Invitations | Retro Woman

Our most popular Retro Christmas Party Invitation! Funny Christmas Party Invitations shows a vintage woman with her hair done up like a Christmas tree, ready for a Holiday Party. LET’S GET MERRY CHRISTMAS PARTY INVITATIONS: Features a retro girl with a crazy hairdo and cocktail in hand inviting your guests to a party. “Let’s Get […]

10 Years Of The Retro Christmas Card Company

The Retro Christmas Card Company turns 10 this year! After 10 Years Of The Retro Christmas Card Company. What’s Buzzin’? is an expression meaning “Hey, What’s happening?” It is also a 1930s Cab Calloway song, and 10 years ago at The Retro Christmas Card Company it was our original name. Since 2006 Years have flown […]

Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards – 2016

Our original collection of Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for 2016 include a vista from a modern cliff house, a cozy butterfly chair pulled up next to the fireplace, a cute couple bustling around a Very Tall Christmas Tree, and two poodles sharing some Christmas joy. The Mid-Century Modern Houses Christmas Cards for years’ work was […]

LGBT Christmas Cards Collection

Christmastime cheer is for everyone. Introducing the LGBT Christmas Cards Collection.   ” We are sorry but for the time being we had to discontinue the LBGT Cards line. Once we find a new supplier we will reinstate it”. Here at The Retro Christmas Card Company we want to always be inclusive in the visual […]

The Creative Process at Retro Christmas Card Company

The Creative Process of Retro Christmas Cards, How It’s Done

I’ll try to describe The Creative Process of Retro Christmas Cards. I have been asked many times “Where do the images come from for the Retro Christmas Cards?” Well, they come from my studio. Inside The Studio, I collect all of the reference and inspirations that eventually become the Christmas Cards that we send to […]

Christmas In July!

Christmas In July, I have always wondered where this phrase came from. Today, as we say goodbye to July… A classic movie that I have never seen! “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” (1940): written & directed by Preston Sturges. Dick Powell & Ellen Drew as two lovebirds who want to get married. Powell needs money to become […]

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