What to write inside your Retro Christmas Cards

What to write inside your Retro Christmas Cards?  First of all, let’s get started by playing some cheerful classic Christmas tunes, get yourself a hot cuppa, and light the Christmas tree. Gather your stamps, pens of many colors including a red one, and your address book or Christmas Card List. When I design Retro Christmas […]

The Merry Magic Of Sending Christmas Cards

Why send Christmas cards?  The answer is quite simple…we can think of no better way to honor the traditions that make Christmas such an important part of our lives. In our world of emails, texts, and tweets, opening the mailbox to find a handwritten card just makes the heart feel a little merrier. Sending our […]

Department Store Dreaming at Christmastime

The days of shoppers rushing home with their treasures have all but passed us by. Window shopping has been replaced by “Windows” shopping. And while we owe the success of our little business to the e-commerce craze, we can’t help but pine for the retail grandeur of a department store at Christmastime. Here are a […]

Ring In The Holiday Groove With A Retro Playlist

Long drives to grandmother’s house will be much more merry when our holiday playlist comes along for the ride! From Sleigh Bells to First Noels, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the carols. But did you know that two beloved Christmas songs were originally written to celebrate Thanksgiving? It’s true…Over The River And Through The […]

Holiday Simmer Pot Recipe – Celebrating In Vintage Style

One of our favorite ways to celebrate a Very Vintage Christmas. ‘Tis the season for a little time traveling. Did you know our sense of smell is strongly tied to our memories? One whiff of cinnamon can take us back to Grandma’s busy kitchen, while fresh pine reminds us of Christmas mornings long ago. Relive […]

Have Yourself A Cozy Little Christmas in Retro Style

One Of Our Favorite Ways To Cozy Up To The Holidays Gather with friends for a cozy meal around the fondue pot. Try this classic recipe or create your own. Careful! Tradition says if a man drops his bread in the pot, he must buy the next round of drinks, and a woman must kiss […]

Our Retro Cats are ready for the holidays, are you?

All is calm and bright until the cat discovers the Christmas tree! To bring a little more peace on earth to cat lovers this holiday season, we thought we’d post these tips from a pet advocacy group for safe and silent nights: Consider an artificial tree. Live pine needles, if ingested, can pose a serious […]

All The “Happy Holidays” + New Years Cards from The Retro Christmas Card Company

Sometimes You Just Need A Cheerful, Retro, Holiday/New Years Card. On this page you will find the collected Retro Christmas Cards that feature a “Happy Holidays” Greeting. Sometimes it can be better to send a greeting that spans all the holidays! Or perhaps, you are running late and need your cards to say Happy New […]

Cheerful, Fun and Tipsy – Retro Recipes For the Holidays

Raise A Glass To These High-Spirited Sips and Snacks Spreading holiday happiness, inspiration for these cheerful, fun and tipsy sips and snacks was taken from The Holiday Cocktails Retro Christmas Card.  Cheers to you in 2022!   Naughty or Nice Nog Free up time for guests by using ready-made nog. Be sure to spring for […]

Deck The Halls With Our Retro Christmas Card Bunting!

Do you dream in retro? Do visions of Sputniks dance in your head? We get you. And like you, we love to celebrate this most wonderful time of year by decking every hall, shelf, tree and wall with all things mod and marvelous. But where to begin? Start here! Take a look at our newest […]

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