A Christmas Make-Over For Your Front Door

A Christmas Make-Over For Your Front Door from MakeItMidCentury.com! Here is an amazing way to Welcome Christmas With a dressed up front door. My favorite part of decorating is always dressing up the front door and stoop with garland and blow molds. Our friends over at Make It Mid-Century have amazing exterior door kits ready to add excitement to your house every day of the year!

Let’s introduce you to Donna is traditional front door kit with a touch of whimsy.  Two circles flank a central diamond, all with oversized moldings.  The top circle is a window; perfect for checking who is at your door or for letting sunlight into your home and can be given more privacy by choosing the reed or frost options.

Shirley cuts a beautiful figure on your door.  A crystal-drop shape is mirrored on either side of a central bulls-eye molding.  Her long, vertical window lets sunshine into to your home and is at the perfect height for viewing who is at your door if you choose the clear glass option.  A striking shape, Shirley looks equally as interesting on the inside of the door.

Betty climbs your door like a trellis and creates the perfect image for a traditional home. Betty has three intertwining squares created from a wide, flat molding. We like the option for the three lights in the door so you can admire your blow mold Santa gleaming on the front stoop.


We all know that the “Prettiest Sight You’ll See Is The Holly That Will Be On Your Own Front Door” …but with these amazing door kit designs you may skip the wreath and let your Make It Mid Century Door shine on it’s own!

Special Thanks to Susan Halla, the founder of MakeItMidCentury.com. A mid-century enthusiast passionate about helping fellow mid-century fanatics like yourself avoid the boring and pursue home improvement in a truly inspired way for your interior and exterior doors, shutters, laminate, and more! 

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